VersaPulley Wallmount

VersaPulley Wallmount

Chosen by elite athletes across the globe to develop strength and conditioning, the VersaPulley Wallmount is easy to use and offers enough versatility to be integrated into the gentlest or most demanding of fitness programmes. It’s a machine for everyone interested in fitness.

Required floorspace: 53cm x 46cm

Required height: 214cm

Weight: 30kg



The VersaPulley Wallmount has all the benefits of the Floor-mounted VersaPulley, but offers the additional feature of space saving, as it is fixed to a wall. The VersaPulley Wallmount is a weightless exercise machine, offering a versatile strength and conditioning workout, limited only by the user’s imagination.

Pulling the rope away from the machine, using one of a series of handle or belt attachments, triggers resistance – which builds strength and conditions muscle in the user. The harder you pull the rope, the harder the machine pulls it back. When the rope retracts, additional muscle groups are worked, making the exercise twice as efficient.

Mark Vestegen, Director of Performance for the NFL Players’ Association, and his staff incorporate VersaPulley into the workouts of sporting professionals from the highest echelons of American football, basketball, and soccer, when the athletes visit his training centres in the USA.

The functional form of exercise performed on the VersaPulley can increase joint stability and the neuromuscular involvement required in sports and everyday activities. The more integrated and related the movement, the more likelihood for improving performance and preventing injury.


15 080,00

standard model

Exclusive of VAT


16 900,00

with intelligent interface

Exclusive of VAT