VersaClimber for Fitness Club

VersaClimber for Fitness Club

It is a proven fact that climbing engages more muscle groups than any other activity – it is a total body workout.  VersaClimber offers a Cross-Crawl (or contra-lateral) climbing pattern (similar to crawling or running). This pattern of motion requires the transfer of forces across your body, strengthening your core.  This makes VersaClimber the first choice training tool for athletes in any sport.

The position of the users body on the machine also means that the arms are kept above heart level, prompting a swifter cardio response.

Using VersaClimber also significantly reduces the risk of injury (unlike jogging or running) – the smooth, seamless motion of climbing means you won’t create, or aggravate an existing, injury in your hips, knees or ankles.

Because climbing burns so many calories, many customers only need a short time on the machine to achieve tangible results.  An experienced climber can burn 500 calories in around 20 minutes.

The variable resistance of VersaClimber allows the user to tailor their workouts by blending cardio with strength training.

The console display shows workout data which helps the user to work within their training plan. The 108 TS model even displays % max effort which is great for ‘Zone Training’.

Offer your customers the world’s #1 cardio and strength machine.

Contra-lateral movement creates good core strength – when climbing, your hands remain above your heart, causing rapid heart rate increase – VersaClimber can be used as a stepper or upper body resistance training machine – increasing the resistance takes your training to higher levels

VersaClimber burns more calories than any other gym activity

VersaClimber works more muscle groups in one seamless motion than any other gym equipment

VersaClimber won’t damage your joints

VersaClimber takes up minimal space in your gym

VersaClimber can be used as a high resistance, total body strength machine or a station on a HIIT circuit

VersaClimber has been an established global brand for over 40 years

VersaClimber Studios have been very popular in the USA for many years and are now opening up in Europe – VersaClimber classes offer a total body workout, burning around 500 calories in 30 minutes – ideal for busy office workers