Neil Adams MBE

Neil Adams MBE

Olympic Judoka (Judo)

Neil Adams MBE, winner of numerous gold medals at the Olympics and World Championships is not only famous for his appearances on popular TV show Superstars, but he also ran a Judo school in Coventry for 15 years training over 30 British Champions. As part of a thorough training regime each champion gained fantastic benefits working on the VersaClimber as part of their daily programme:
“I highly recommend the VersaClimber and VersaPulley to my athletes for the machines’ superior cardiovascular and muscular endurance capabilities, both of which are incredibly important in the sport of Judo.

“Both pieces of equipment are measurable in time and distance and can be adapted for numerous training programmes. As Judo contests can be between three minutes to five minute in duration, the athletes need to train for up to six times this time for just one day of competition.

“The fact that you can vary your step and pace alters the various fitness benefits of the VersaClimber and the VersaPulley. This helps when adapting to the different level of each athlete.

“What I love about both pieces of equipment is their versatility. Being able to change the pace, resistance and the programming, meaning all members of my Judo school were able to benefit regardless of their level and skills. It helped to make the school a success with some outstanding results.”